Why to bet on corners, and what to look out for.

I’ve been gambling since 2017, ever since I left school. By no means do I crave it, but I would throw your average £5/£10 accas on 5/6 teams. Even the occasional 10 team acca with those mouthwatering odds. It happened everyweek where I’d dream of that big bet, then it would always be a team that lets me down. I had no idea what I was doing wrong, as I’d only bet on btts or a team to outright win.

Looking back at it now, those bets ate the worst bets to put on in my opinion. Just recently, how many big teams have lost or drawn to teams they should’ve beaten easily? This week I can recall City, Bayern and Chelsea failed to beat team they should realistically beat?

So why I bet on corners. In my opinion, in play corner betting is the way forward with the most success I’ve had. When betting on games, I will always look for a couple methods to lock the bet in. These are, is a team losing? Does this team consistently have possession and attacking? Usually I’ll throw on a bet around the 75th minute onwards. If I’m feeling confident in a team, then I’ll throw multiple bets on the same one.

Perfect example was Friday for me. Ajax is a serial corner wet dream. They have 60% possession majority of matches, and pepper the goal for the entirety of a match. On friday, I saw them losing 2-0 at home. That’s something that never happens, but around the 75th my eyes opened wide as the odds were just to good to be true. I immediately chucked on money for the bet, and it came through.

Once again, Man City on Saturday losing 2-0. They have the possession and apply the pressure through consistent shots. I’m sure they got 15 corners. And even eintract Frankfurt this wknd were losing, and immediately dominated the possession and shots. They got 12 corners in the end.

Gambling is all about luck at the end of the day, and maybe I’m on just a lucky streak, but I’d like to show you guys and potentially girls some different methods which help me. I don’t want to show off, but just show you some of my methods.

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