Dropping odds of today

Dropping odds for today. Check below to find out.

Dropping odds – Understanding odds changes

Dropping odds under 4.5 goals

Odds movement is a never ending procedure in online betting. Bookmakers odds on a sport constantly keep going up and down many times before the start of a match. While when the event is in play, there can be up to 200 changes on the odds offered. This makes it both exciting and confusing in equal proportion. Punters analyze dropping odds before a match as an information tool, to better understand where money places and choose whether to back the popular choice or go against it.

What is it exactly

Dropping odds has come to be one of the most predominant conspiracy theories in online betting. Τhey are supposed to be linked to mysterious inside information about a match outcome, or a last minute fact. That is considered so crucial, that it will single-handedly affect the game result. However, most of the times, its just the online bookie’s reaction to the last minute cash flow taking place from many punters towards specific picks.

Playing on dropping odds means that you bet on a bookmaker that has yet to adjust the odds according to market movements. If the majority of the market offers 2.00 for over 2.5 goals on a match, while a single bookmaker offers 2.40, then you can assume this is a good bet and buy it at 2.40. However, this is getting more and more rare, as most bookmakers are carefully monitoring the changes of the entire market and adjust their odds almost instantly.

What do these dropping odds mean? There are many reasons that force an online bookmaker to differentiate the initial odds. The main reason, as mentioned before, is that the odds of a specific choice are overwhelmingly selected by the majority of punters, who considered this choice to have value. As a chain reaction, bookmakers adjust the odds in such levels, to be considered fair by the punters.

What causes downwards odds movement

There is also a possibility of early estimations that are wrong from, so called, opinionated bookmakers, who offer odds on matches many days, even weeks, before the start of an event. The odds are changing according to incoming news during this time. An opinionated bookmaker, usually a strong brand name in the betting industry, operates other “clone” bookmakers, who are carefully watching all the odds movements and allowing them to respectively adjust their odds.

Odds manipulation is another story. It is not so widespread as punters think it is, but in some matches there have been such occasions. (usually from lower leagues, where odds can change with a lower amount of money) This is an effort from some professional speculators to lower the odds on a pick they’ve already wagered on. This in order to increase the other outcomes’ odds and take advantage of a surebet.

Odds also drop due to certain information, right or fake, concerning a fixed game. When a rumor spreads and wagers go crazy towards specific picks, bookmakers will usually follow the cash flow and keep dropping the odds. If not, withdraw the match completely. However, in most cases those rumors prove untrue. So it’s not right to back these odds based solely on ungrounded facts.

Dropping odds do not necessarily mean that the probability of a particular final result has changed. In most cases the bookmaker will try to maintain a balance for every possible betting market. However, bookmakers’ starting odds could change dramatically. Most oddsmakers use their own estimations, based on personal experience or specific software to calculate them and offer the odds sets. Some bookmakers will have to adjust their odds accordingly, while others prefer no to. As they estimate that their starting odds were right.


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