Real Madrid Zidane’s message in summer: “It’s not normal for Modric to have only one League”
Real Madrid Zidane's message in summer: "It's not normal for Modric to have only one League"

Real Madrid Zidane’s message in summer: “It’s not normal for Modric to have only one League”

Comit LaLiga until the end. That was the maxim that was marked Zinedine Zidane when Madrid called him to recover the position he resigned in May 2018. Winning it or not was something else, something that depends on many variants, but the French was clear that an entity like the Real Madrid could not afford what had happened in the last two seasons.

In 2017-18, with him as boss, he finished third at 17 points of Barcelona ; the last one, that of the Lopetegui-Solari-Zidane trio , was even worse: again the third place, but this time 19 points from the Catalans .

Zidane had months to develop his plan, to mark the road map he wanted to draw on that plan to fight for LaLiga , what he does today. In the meetings he held with the players and in the talks with the high spheres of the club he always made a special emphasis on LaLiga . Because it is clear that it is the competition that serves to always have the equipment plugged in.

In that speech, Zidane turned to the medal winners, to the anomaly of seeing so many Champions conquered and so few Leagues among Madrid players . “It’s not normal that, for example, Luka has only won a League here,” he repeated in several of those talks. On the table he placed the case of a fetish player for Zidane, a soccer player without whom it would be very difficult to explain the sequence of successes of Madrid in recent seasons. But in the spectacular medal winners of Modric , who came to ChamartínIn the summer of 2012, only LaLiga 2016-17 appears. It is the best example of the need for Madrid to win again to win a trophy that has touched more than anyone else -33 times-, but that since the turn of the century has only won in six of the 19 editions contested.

Among Zidane’s arguments was how was the development of his best season, 2016-17. The Champions League arrived at the hand of LaLiga, and did so with Madrid, taking advantage of the league inertia to advance in Europe without the agony of being seen in just one competition. Naples, Bayern and Atlético de Madrid were the route that ended in Cardiff with 4-1 to Juventus .


The bad relationship he has maintained in these years with LaLiga stands out when comparing the white list of winners with Barcelona players Everything that is a huge distance in international titles -149 by 44- turns over the culé side when the comparison is limited only to LaLiga.

As an example, Ter Stegen or Luis Suarez , who arrived at Camp Nou in the summer of 2014, have four Leagues, the same as Sergio Ramos – in Madrid since 2005 – or Marcelo , who arrived in January 2006.

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